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G-Force invests in digital companies


G-Force is the driving force behind your company. We actively think along, help you refine your ideas and help with seed capital. G-Force doesn’t invest in dreams, we invest in promising entrepreneurs with promising ideas.


G-Force investment fund

The G-force fund is an investment fund for digital startups in their early stages. G-Force invests in scalable, digital startups with a validated core business concept. There is still a lot of uncertainty during these first stages, but G-Force wants to help and be your driving force, with a network, experience and financial means, to take your company to the next phase.

We believe in great teams

G-Force invests in early stage digital startups based in Groningen. In this stage, the concept can change from day tot day and you’re constantly on the lookout for that ultimate business model. That’s why we put more faith in great teams than good ideas. We prefer to invest in teams with scalable SaaS concepts, marketplaces and data driven startups.

What can you expect from us

G-Force’s investments in startups range from €50k to 100k, in the shape of convertible loans, which allows us to invest in the very early stages. Aside from funding, you will also receive mentoring from digital serial entrepreneurs. We also have a network of experts you can rely on and we have workspaces available in the incubator.

What are the steps in the investment process?

We’ve optimized our processes as much as possible, so we can take fast steps if need be. But we want to really get to know first, before moving forward. This first step is a lot like dating; the click has to be mutual and that’s not always the case.

Startups can send their pitches to G-Force digitally and we’ll invite the most promising startups over for a cup of coffee. After our first meeting, we’ll decide whether or not we want to proceed and take the next step together.

If things click, we not just interested in learning more about your product or company. First and foremost, we want to get to know more about you, the entrepreneur. Please keep in mind that this process will take up a few months.

How do we work?

If you’ve landed G-Force as an investor, we want to help you and support you in being successful. We want you to focus on the core business of your company: getting customers and improving your product, process and business model.

Together with your mentor, we’ll act as your sounding board for strategy and we can also count on a number of experts in the business to help you out.

You’ll present monthly reports and present a quarterly progress update for the investor.


Pitch your startup

Do you own a startup we need to know about? Send your pitch to G-Force. This is the first step in our investment process. We’ll take a good look at your application, give you substantive feedback and if there’s a match, we’ll grab a coffee together.

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